We are a BLACK OWNED online clothing store specializing in the latest African and Western fashion. At FabAfrik, our mission is to redefine fashion by blending the vibrant colors of African fabrics with Western styles. We offer high-quality, ethically sourced clothing options for men, women, and children.

Our clothing is sourced directly from the UK, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and trusted suppliers in China. Our goal is to source at least 90% of our products from Africa, providing employment opportunities for local seamstresses and workers to help eradicate poverty.

As a BLACK OWNED business, we are committed to promoting African wear and culture. Our vision is to promote Africa on the global stage through its fashion and, eventually, establish a production factory in Africa to continue offering exceptional value.

At FabAfrik, our top priority is our customers. We strive to bring them exceptional products and customer service. Our ultimate goal is to bring the dreams of the less fortunate to reality and make a positive impact on the world through fashion.

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African Wax Print

This fabric is also known as Kitenge and Ankara, and it’s a vibrant, double-sided print made entirely of cotton. It’s commonly used in Africa to create clothing and accessories, and it’s made using the ancient batik technique from Indonesia, which involves using wax to resist dye in certain areas.


This fabric is highly versatile and can be combined with plain fabrics to create many different garments.


Batik is a dyeing method primarily used on cotton fabric. It involves applying wax to certain parts of the fabric to prevent dye from reaching those areas. This process is repeated several times to create a range of colors and blended effects. The wax is then removed by boiling, and the process is repeated with a new design.

Holland Wax Print

This fabric is a special wax-printed cotton with one or two core colors printed within the design. It’s known for being soft and durable.


This woven cloth, which means “basket” in Akan, is made from interwoven strips of silk and cotton fabric. Each pattern has its own meaning and varies in design and color.

Nigerian George Lace

This lace is famous for its gold embroidery, intricate hand-sewn beads, sequins, and gold lace.

Nigerian Tulle French Lace

This lace is commonly used for creating clothing for special occasions, such as weddings. It’s intricately sewn and embellished with hand-sewn beads and sequins.

Polished Cotton

This woven cotton fabric has a smooth, shiny surface, which is achieved through calendaring, a process where the fabric is pressed between cylinders during manufacturing, or through the weave itself. Polished cotton can have varying levels of shine, depending on whether it’s treated with resin or glaze during the process.